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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a well-researched and recognized group of specific skills taught to help clients to be mindful of situations they find themselves in, increase their ability to use control and focus, better manage their emotions (and its effects), to increase personal regulation, increase their ability to tolerate distressful moments and situations, develop and improve interpersonal relationships and develop further communication skills.

Our Dialectic Skills Training Program is a 6 Unit structured program designed to inform, teach and practice DBT specific skills in an experiential environment.

DBT Training Program Units:

  • Unit 1 - Mindfulness
  • Unit 2 - Emotional Regulation
  • Unit 3 - Mindfulness
  • Unit 4 - Distress Tolerance
  • Unit 5 - Mindfulness
  • Unit 6 - Interpersonal Relationships

Our program uses skilled and informed consultants who are experts in communication, informed and skilled with DBT specific skills and their application, and experienced facilitators.

We offer Dialectical Skills Training individually and in group settings. We recommend that individuals complete all 6 units, however this is not mandatory. Individuals are given the choice to complete as few or as many units as they desire.

Registration and intake interview to assess suitability are pre-requisites for acceptance to any of our DBT/DST programs.

DST for Persons with Developmental Disabilities:

At True North, we challenged the belief that DBT/DST could not be taught to persons with developmental disabilities. This resulted in the development of a dialectical skills training program designed to specifically meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities. Our program went through an extensive pilot period to tweak and refine the program as well as provide us with the statistical data that clearly and scientifically supports the program. We are delighted to be able to partner with the many successes and positive outcomes reported to date.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this "First of its kind" program. We are offering this program individually and in group settings. We recommend that individuals complete all 6 units, however this is not mandatory. Individuals are given the choice to complete as few or as many units as they desire. Learn More


"Coaching is committing to setting aside a dynamic time for focusing on change, planning and goal setting to obtain significant improvement with the assistance of a professional whose sole interest is investing in your success."

We provide personal and corporate success coaching services. Our practice is based on utilizing recognized competencies and principles of professional coaching that involves discovering and holding out a possibility in front of the client, while coaching them to move forward to the next level, with relentless compassion, by setting strategic goals, objectives, strategies, plans, and actions (G.O.S.P.A.).

We provide our clients an introductory 50 minute coaching session, at a discounted price, with the objective to discover if there is a reason for us to have a working relationship and to explore what we could accomplish in a reasonable time frame (initially 3 to 6 months) and how we would measure these accomplishments. We use a variety of assessment tools to help to visualize and articulate what the end goal is. We assess if we have been able to establish a communication base to work from. The results of these assessments shall determine if we enter into a contractual proposal.

Should you, the client, and we, the coach, find a mutual consent to work together, True North Counselling Ltd. will provide the client with their own Coaching Reference Manual which includes forms, assessment and planning tools, disclosure and coaching agreement proposal and fees schedule as agreed upon.


Life situations can produce deep personal pain. Such pain is often expressed by: divorce, unfaithfulness, drug, alcohol and sex addictions, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, marriage and parenting problems, anger, guilt, shame, physical and mental health issues, depression and anxiety, among others.

True North Counselling Ltd. assists individuals in navigating life's storms in an atmosphere of love and concern, addressing the whole person - emotional, spiritual and intellectual. This is a specialized part of professional care that involves helping individuals and families by using scientific theory, trauma informed approaches, and spiritual principles.

True North Counselling Ltd. supports the traditional definition of specialized care as being the work of professional clergy. We use a variety of healing methods to help people deal with problems in ways that are consistent with professional standards while respecting all faiths.

We are now offering evening and weekend appointments in Calgary. Contact Us


Everyone experiences disagreements, interpersonal conflicts, and anger. We express our anger and concerns in a variety of ways, some are appropriate, some are inappropriate. Physical and emotional abuse is an inappropriate response and shows a lack of respect for others, harms marital and family relationships, and usually damages self-esteem. Learn more


Conflict can make life very awkward. It often catches us off guard and leads us to say or do things we regret. When someone offends us, we often react without thinking. We provide conflict counselling and mediation services to resolve church, ministry and business disputes, some legal issues as well as family conflicts


Everyone experiences times of their own unique stress and difficulty usually resulting in some form of emotional dysregulation. We provide a compassionate ear and emotional support and to assist individuals to work through and resolve their difficulties in a non-judgemental environment. We utilize a modified solution-focused approach to assist individuals to resolve difficulties and build personal capacity and resiliency. This approach not only effectively assists individuals in their current situation but better equips them in the future.Contact Us to learn more


Corporate - Chaplain Assistance Program (C.A.P.)

Corporate chaplaincy provides employers the opportunity to offer a Chaplain Assistance Program (C.A.P.) benefit to their employees. A CAP is a personal, voluntary and confidential employee 12 point care benefit available to employees and their households and immediate families; sponsored by the company, chaplains are provided by a chaplaincy provider (True North Counselling Ltd.)

Corporate chaplaincy provides the benefit of caring, compassionate chaplains available to serve all employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. Chaplains' help employees connect with the resources they need in order to reduce stress and help the company to run more smoothly.

Corporate Chaplaincy makes good business sense. Take appropriate care of your employees and they will take care of business. Many companies are discovering the human resource and bottom-line benefits of having a chaplain weekly on the premises and available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year in case of an emergency, crisis, or other need.

The tangible benefits of corporate chaplaincy are numerous: from improved attitudes, cooperation, and performance to increased loyalty all result in a lower turnover rate and higher productivity which has a direct positive impact on the company's bottom line.

Community Chaplaincy - The Ministry of Presence

Community Chaplaincy is about building unity and strength in the fabric of communities. It's about addressing the spiritual issues and temperament in communities. Community Chaplaincy is addressing the wounds created and healing required for communities as a whole, while addressing public concerns and crisis.

We are available to perform spiritual duties in the public arena. We are dedicated to building relationships, participating in community activities and supporting community initiatives. We are willing to spear-head unity-focused activities, programs and events.

A Community Chaplain will act as a liaison and referral contact between members of the community and various community groups, services and resources. They are available for itinerant speaking engagements and to provide community representation and a voice on a variety of concerns and issues that affect community.

Lastly, a Community Chaplain is available to provide crisis response, coordination and assistance in an emergency situation.


True North Counselling Ltd. facilitates Toolbox Workshops that are times of intensive teaching and learning opportunities. Each workshop has interactive activities to assist in the assimilation of the new skill learned.

Fees for each workshop are based on the number of instructional hours required, course materials, participant handbooks etc., and travel or other direct expenses incurred. We support early bird registration and offer a discounted price for this. Late registrations are at the discretion of the facilitator and administrative support. Some workshops may have a prerequisite.

(Past workshop participant testimonials available)

Several different workshops are currently available. Below please find a listing of some of the current workshops. For an updated list of workshops available and in-service mini workshops, and detailed descriptions, brochures etc. please Contact Us.

  • Living the Dream - Charting Destiny (Personal goal planning and vision casting)
  • Activating Vision - Charting Destiny (Corporate goal planning and vision casting)
  • The Power of Effective Communication (Advanced skill building in relational communication)
  • Navigating Life Coaching Program (Level 1 CPC / Level 2 MCC)
  • Others to be announced.